with heart | today + every day


All of the jewelry, including each jump ring and every clasp, is handmade from 18 karat yellow gold using traditional metalsmithing techniques. Toolmarks and imperfections are reminders that these pieces have all been crafted by hand. All of the knotting on the cords is done by hand.

the collections 

alphabet + heart - not your ordinary initial. 18k yellow gold is melted and then hammered into a freeform pebble on a piece of vintage railroad track. A fine saw blade is used to carve out each letter and the heart.

whispers to the heart - gentle reminders, every day. Handcrafted pebbles in 18k yellow gold, knotted on cord, with no clasps - to be gently pulled over your head and worn close to your heart. Every pebble is individually melted and then shaped on a piece of vintage railroad track. The meaning of each piece lies within you.

words + shapes - everyday words and shapes, carved and/or hammered by hand, in 18k yellow gold. All of the words are either hand stamped with vintage alphabet stamps or carved out with a fine saw blade.

the sayings

These sayings come from my heart. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.