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zen pebbles necklace

... inspiring quiet moments for reflection ... 


Your very own wearable zen pebble garden. Two plain pebbles, with one mini ball and one mini pebble - all hand forged in 18 karat yellow gold - knotted on bordeaux cord with no clasp. No two are alike. 


 *production time: 3 weeks. 

  • Bottom pebble approx. 7/16" in diameter.
  • Top pebble approx. 5/16" in diameter.
  • Mini ball approx. 1/8" in diameter.
  • Mini pebble approx. 3"16" in diameter.
  • Knotted with 18k yellow gold mini pebble on bordeaux cord. No clasp.
  • 25" length.


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Type: necklaces